Ear plugs

Tapones para los oídos en Salas Ópticos
Tapones para los oídos en Salas Ópticos

Ear plugs when can I use them?

There are many people who need to protect themselves with earplugs in different situations. For example, when swimming, in noisy work environments or perhaps also with sleeping plugs.

Hearing protection is a very important part of our hearing health, therefore, there are different types of ear plugs that help us keep our listening ability intact and protect us from external agents.

Depending on the objective for which we use the earplugs, there are different types:

  • Wax plugs: They are comfortable and moldable ear plugs. They adapt well to the ear and are commonly used for sleeping.
  • Silicone plugs: Designed to fit the ear canal. They are indicated for sleeping or to filter loud noises from the environment.
  • Foam earplugs These earplugs are designed to fit inside the ear.

In addition to the material with which they are made, we can also distinguish between different types of ear plugs by their main functionality.

Ear plugs for sleeping

For some people, hearing noise at night can be very annoying and a factor in sleep disturbance. In these cases, wearing earplugs to sleep is a good solution.

The best anti-noise earplugs for sleeping are the hypoallergenic silicone ones, as they can easily adapt to our ears and are comfortable and comfortable.

One of the main ear problems for bathers is otitis. Many people have hearing problems when they bathe in swimming pools or in the sea.

Therefore, there is a wide range of ear plugs for water that will help us prevent diseases in our ears. The best plugs in these cases are those made with wax or silicone, since they prevent water from leaking into the ear thanks to their adaptability.

Noise plugs

Noise is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Exposure for a long period of time to noise above 85 dB seriously damages hearing health. For this reason, hearing protectors or noise plugs are a key tool for people who are subjected to noise on a daily basis for their work.

Ear plugs can be used on a daily basis, since they do not pose a danger in any case, although good hygiene of them or a regular change of plugs for new ones is adequate.

Do I need ear plugs?

This is a very personal question, since there are people who adapt perfectly to the use of earplugs and integrate them into their day to day, while for others they represent an uncomfortable solution.

The reality is that the use of earplugs is indisputable when the noise from the environment can pose a danger to our hearing health.

It is also essential to know for what purpose the earplugs are used, since in certain circumstances, such as musicians, mechanics or diving instructors, earplugs will be a more integrated tool among your work utensils.

In our audiology center we will advise you to find the best options in ear plugs that suit your needs. We customize the earplugs to the maximum so that they are comfortable for you and adapt to the shape of your ear and your rhythm of life.

Visit us to see the catalog of earplugs that we have at Salas Ópticos, we will advise you from the hand of the best professionals who are experts in audiology in Huércal Overa (Almería).