Hearing aids

Hearing aids
Hearing aids

Hearing aids, the solution to hear well again

Have you had the feeling that you don’t hear well for a long time? With hearing aids you will find the solution to your hearing problem.

Often, we delay the time to go to an audiological examination due to ignorance or fear. You do not have to continue like this, with hearing aids we can recover part of your hearing and improve your quality of life.

Taking care of your hearing health is essential to have a full life and enjoy with the five senses. At our Salas Ópticos hearing center in Huércal Overa we will help you recover your hearing.

We have all kinds of hearing aids from the best brands on the market such as WidexPhonak or Oticon. If you are looking for wireless hearing aids, invisible hearing aids or bluetooth hearing aids come visit us, we have all types of hearing aids available on the market.

Why do I need a hearing aid?

Usually, and at a certain age, our ability to listen diminishes and generates discomfort and a feeling of discomfort. When the lack of listening is a problem for your day to day, in your social relationships and even in the family environment, it is time to find a solution.

With a hearing aid you can recover some of the hearing loss and hear well again to maintain a level of understanding of the appropriate environment. There is a wide variety of inexpensive hearing aids that we can adapt to your hearing problem.

With more than 65 years of history, Widex is one of the reference brands in hearing aids worldwide. According to his philosophy, once the hearing aid is in place, all that the user must experience is a full and naturally listened to life.

Through its years of experience, the Widex brand has a very wide catalog of solutions for all types of hearing loss. In our hearing center in Huércal Overa we can advise you to find the Widex hearing aid that best suits you.

Likewise, we also work with the Phonak hearing aid brand, another of the leading companies in the world in the manufacture of hearing devices.

Its modern hearing aids go beyond the amplification of sounds and combine functionality and design to provide the user with a real recovery of hearing as close as possible to their original ear.

They have a wide range of hearing aids that can be connected to smartphones or other technological devices that further improve the listening experience.

Present in more than 20 countries, Oticon hearing aids are also a great solution to our hearing problems.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Oticon designs a wide range of hearing aids for all needs, thus improving the lives of people with hearing loss.

Living with hearing aids

Your new hearing aids may take some getting used to at first. Although the improvement in hearing is evident when the user makes use of these devices, the ability to listen is not exactly the same with our natural sense of listening.

For this reason, our team of hearing care professionals will help you throughout the adaptation and configuration of the device.

If you have been with hearing loss for a long time, hearing aids greatly improve your ability to communicate and understand your closest environment, you will have a feeling of greater control over yourself and better emotional stability and self-esteem.

Cheap hearing aids in Huércal Overa

The price of hearing aids often determines the purchasing decision of the person with the hearing problem. In Salas Ópticos we have solutions for all budgets, therefore, we work with a wide catalog of audiological products that adapt to the economic situation of our clients.

Visit our hearing center in Huércal Overa, on Avenida Guillermo Reyna 24, and together we will find the solution to your hearing problem.