Hearing check

Revisión auditiva en Salas Ópticos
Revisión auditiva en Salas Ópticos

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Did you know that experts recommend performing an annual hearing check from the age of 50, even if we think we hear well?

On a daily basis we subject our ears to loud noises, headphones with a sound greater than recommended and other external agents, such as hygienic swabs, which can damage our hearing.

We go to dentists and ophthalmologists to check our dental and visual health, however, we are not used to going to audiology professionals, so we have neglected over the years the examination of ears.

With just a hearing check we will be able to know how the health of your ears is.

In Spain, more than 50% of the population has never undergone a hearing screening, despite the fact that hearing loss is the third most important condition after osteoarthritis and high blood pressure.

What is a hearing screening?

The hearing check in Salas Ópticos allows us to evaluate your hearing capacity by responding to:

  • What is the real capacity of your hearing?
  • How does your ear behave in everyday situations?
  • Do you have any kind of ear injury?
  • What is the state of your hearing inside seen with a camera?

All the tests that we carry out are simple and painless, they do not cause any discomfort and are carried out in our soundproof booth specially designed to carry out hearing tests without the interference of other external sounds or noises.

What are the tests for a hearing screening?

The main diagnostic tests for a hearing screening are:

  • Otoscopy: to check that you do not have wax plugs, internal inflammations, suppurations or perforations.
  • Airway tonal audiometry: to determine your hearing threshold and bone conduction tonal audiometry that allows us to measure the hearing capacity of the inner ear.
  • Verbal audiometry: to evaluate your ability to distinguish between sounds of the same word, as well as a test of the threshold of nonconformity.

“My ear hurts”. I think I may have a plug. “I do not hear well”. “If I’m going to have a checkup, what are they going to do to me?” These are some of the thoughts that can come to you when you perceive a hearing loss. Don’t worry, in Salas Ópticos we will explain the whole process that we are going to carry out if you have a hearing problem and we will accompany you to find the best solution.

On the other hand, if you have seen an expert audiologist in advance and have not found any problems, you may feel that “it will surely be nothing this time either.” It is important to know that both specific consultations and periodic hearing examinations are essential to know the state of our hearing health.

Signs I Should Make an Appointment for a Hearing Check

According to Eurotrack, 64% of people who would need a hearing aid do not use it and do not correct their hearing loss, a situation that generates isolation and lack of communication and is made more evident by the use of a mask and social distance.

In a hearing screening, all parts of the ear are looked at through different tests. And so it can be detected that there is no problem. Also, if you use hearing aids, there are different methods that help us to better fit your ear. And therefore, you can enjoy them without any hassle.

But what are the red flags for which I should have a hearing screening?

There are some clear signs such as:

  • Not understanding with the same clarity as before conversations
  • Ask to repeat the phrase to the interlocutor
  • Sense of isolation in social encounters
  • Not hearing well in conversations with background noise
  • Raising the volume a lot when speaking

When was the last time you checked your hearing? Do you think you may be suffering from some kind of hearing loss?

If you feel any of these symptoms or someone you love has warned you about it, come visit us. Do not lose quality of life, hearing can be restored with just a hearing check and the advice of our audiology professionals.

Recover your hearing in Salas Ópticos, we accompany you throughout the process. Visit us at our audiology center in Huércal Overa.