Warranty and repair

Warranty and Repair
Warranty and Repair

Hearing aid repair of all brands

Hearing aids are electronic devices that can suffer a problem either due to wear and tear or because the technology is not well adjusted. Hearing aid repair is an essential part of enjoying good listening skills with your devices.

In our hearing center we have a hearing aid repair service, we repair all brands on the market.

What is 7 + 4?

Ask for your hearing aid repair budget

We will contact you to advise you and present you with an estimate for the repair of your hearing aids.

How to repair hearing aids?

Once we have detected that our hearing aids are not adjusted to hearing loss and are not solving our problem, something is wrong with the devices. You can bring us the devices, since we are specialists in repairing multi-brand hearing aids, also in the repair of your Bluetooth hearing aids.

If you haven’t heard the same quality for a long time, you may wonder, how can I fix my hearing aids?

We recommend that before playing any piece you book a free appointment with one of our specialists, he will advise you so that you can recover your hearing aids with optimal functioning as soon as possible.

Multi-brand hearing aid repair

Once you accept the budget we will get to work to reprogram your hearing aids and get an improvement as on the first day you used them.

We work with all the hearing aid brands on the market such as Siemens, Signia, Starkey, GN Resound, Audifon, Widex, Phonak, Beltone, Microson, Bernafon and Coselgi, among others.

If your hearing aids are from another brand, don’t worry, our specialists will help you.

What can I do to keep my hearing aids in good condition?

If we take good care of our hearing aids we can extend their useful life, here we give you some advice:

  • Have a method to dehumidify the hearing aids
  • Clean the traces of dirt that may remain in the appliance every day
  • Never get the hearing aids wet
  • Do not expose them to high temperatures
  • Keep them in a safe and closed place

We retrofit your hearing aids whatever their brand

In addition to a repair service, at Salas Ópticos we can also readapt your hearing aids if you feel that over time they have lost their effectiveness.

Come visit us and we will make your hearing aids work like the first day.